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Step 4:Send Treatment Completion Letter to Physicians

Step 5: Thank the Patient!

Step 6: Referral Tracking Database

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Tracking Referrals and Patient Status Letters!!

Easily keep track of the physicians to whom you have sent complimentary copies of RELEASE YOUR PAIN (the only book about ART written for the public), the patient information letters, and the referrals that you receive from each physician.

Click this image to view a PDF of the Referral Tracking Database .

Click here to download a customizable Microsoft Excel version of the Referrral Tracking Database.

Download this Microsoft Excel REFERRAL TRACKING DATABASE to your PC.

  1. Click to download this Microsoft Excel document to your personal computer. The filename is
    RYP-Referral Tracking Database.xls.

  2. Choose File>Save and save the file with the filename:

  3. Open the Excel Spreadsheet, review the instructions, and start putting in your information.

  4. Be sure to update this database for each new patient that you get into your clinic. It will help you to track:
    • Complimentary copies of RELEASE YOUR PAIN that you have sent to physicians.
    • Letters to Patients.
    • Examination Summaries sent to physicians.
    • Treatment Completion Summaries sent to physicans.
    • New referrals from physicians.

Track Your Patient Referrals!

Did you our clinic, we added over 100 family
physicians to our patient referral program within just 3 months.

Resulting in increasing numbers of patient
referrals from family physicians!

And that number continues to grow with each successful treatment,
and with the growing TRUST that we have built between patients,
physicians, and our practitioners.



If YES, your practice is like ours, and you will have a growing list of family physicians who are learning about the benefits of ART and about how you can help their patients.

By now, if you have implemented our simple 5-STEPS FOR GROWING YOUR ART PRACTICE, and built TRUST between yourself, your patients, and the physicians in your area, you will have found that you need a means to track the various letters, books, and information that you have sent to your patients and their physicians.


Kinetic Health™ is pleased to provide you with a complimentary
tool - THE REFERRAL TRACKING DATABASE - to allow you to:

  • Track the growing number of physicians with whom you are now in contact.
  • Track the copies of Release Your Pain that you have given to each patient.
  • Track the copies of Release Your Pain that you have sent to each family physician.
  • Track the letters that you are sending to patients and physicians.

This REFERRAL TRACKING DATABASE makes use of the popular, and widely used, Microsoft Excel program. Just download this file from and put it to use immediately.


By using this database, you can:

  • Ensure that you only send one copy of RELEASE YOUR PAIN to each physician.
  • Track the promotional letters that you have sent out to patients and physicians.
  • Quickly identify letters that still need to go out.
  • Have a means to identify which physicians respond most positively to the information that you provide.
  • Target your marketing efforts where it will be most effective.


To make it easier for you, this REFERRAL TRACKING DATABASE features
the following three tabs:

  1. Detailed steps and instructions (INSTRUCTIONS tab) to show you how to use this spreadsheet.
  2. An example page (SAMPLE REFERRAL DATABASE tab) showing how the spreadsheet could be used..
  3. A template database (YOUR REFERRAL DATABASE tab) ready for you to implement.


Remember…use our simple 5-STEPS FOR GROWING YOUR ART PRACTICE, ethically and efficiently, and watch how you gain the TRUST of both your patients and the family physicians in your area.

See how rapidly you are able to grow your referral base with this method.
For an overview of this process, see the following links:

  1. EXAMINATION SUMMARY - - Build Physician TRUST!

    Send this letter to inform the physician about the treatment course
    you have selected, and to educate them about the benefits of
    Active Release Techniques. Typically, this letter is
    accompanied by a copy of the book RELEASE YOUR PAIN.
    Start your trust-building process with this letter and book.

  2. NEW PATIENT LETTER - Educate the patient!

    Provide this letter to each new patient, along with a
    complimentary copy of the book RELEASE YOUR PAIN.
    Again…this builds trust and understanding of
    Active Release Techniques and your practice.

  3. USE EXERCISES to prevent re-injury - Empower your patients.

    The book RELEASE YOUR PAIN provides many appropriate,
    easy-to-apply exercises for the most common types of
    soft-tissue injuries that are treated with ART.
    Encourage your patients to use these, and save precious time.

  4. PATIENT'S RESOLUTION LETTER - Thank the patient!

    Give this letter to each patient once you have resolved
    his/her condition. Encourage them to continue with the
    exercises. You have build trust by resolving their condition…
    NOW you can ask for that patient referral!

  5. TREATMENT COMPLETE LETTER - Let the Physician know about
    your success!

    THIS IS THE KEY LETTER . It confirms your successful
    resolution of the condition, and acts to rapidly build trust in
    your ability to resolve soft tissue injuries


Sign up at the following site, and get access to all the letters,
templates and tips for growing your ART practice.


Wishing you all the best in health!

Dr. Brian Abelson DC, ART
CEO and Founder - Kinetic Health

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