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Step 1: Build Physician Trust

Step 2: Educate Your Patients

Step 3: Provide Exercises

Step 4:Send Treatment Completion Letter to Physicians

Step 5: Thank the Patient!

Step 6: Referral Tracking Database

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Practitioner Corner

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Step 1: Build Physician Trust

Click either image to view a PDF of the Examination Summary Letter .

Letter to Physician

Letter to Physician

Click here to download a customizable Microsoft Word version of the Examination Summary Letter .

Download this Microsoft Word template to your PC.

  1. Click to download this Microsoft Word document to your personal computer. The filename is
    RYP1-ExaminationSummarytoDoctor.doc .

  2. Choose File>Save and save the file with the filename:

Customize the Template.

  1. Open the downloaded document in Microsoft Word .
  2. Customize the document to reflect your clinic identity by changing:
    • Your Company Information.
    • Phone and Fax.
    • Email address.
  3. Choose File>Save As to open the Save As dialog box.
  4. Choose Document Template from the Save As Type drop-down list.
  5. Click Save to save this customized template to your Templates Directory.

Create a New Patient Document

  1. Start Microsoft Word.
  2. Choose File>New .
  3. Select the template from the list of templates.
  4. Click OK .
  5. Word will create a new file using this template.
  6. Enter your patient information into this new file.
  7. Choose File>Save to save your changes.
  8. Choose File > Print to print your letter.


As ART practitioners, we cannot afford to ignore the important role that family physicians play in our patient's life. They are involved in the treatment of almost all major and minor disorders experienced by your patient.

These physicians can also become one of your best patient referral sources…once you gain their trust! ( Note : You will need very few referring physicians to fill your ART Practice to its maximum capacity.)

Remember, these physicians share the same goals as you do…they also want to help improve their patients health, and like you, are caring compassionate people. And as such, will only refer their patients to practitioners that they trust.

You and I both know that Active Release Techniques is one of the most effective forms of soft-tissue treatment in the world today - BUT - most family physicians don't know this!

TRUST is the key. These doctors need to understand just how and why ART works, and must learn to trust that you can deliver real solutions, without harming their patients.

To gain trust…you need to keep the lines of communication open between you and the family physician.

  • Build a positive relationship by keeping them informed and involved.
  • Educate them about the benefits of ART by providing the information they need to understand ART!
  • Demonstrate, case by case, how you can help their patients get better, and find real resolution for their soft-tissue problems.


How can you do this without using up ALL of your valuable time! We will show you how in this page!

  1. First - click to open and review the sample Examination Summary Letter (Acrobat PDF format). This Examination Summary Letter is your ideal tool for introducing yourself to the physicians in your area! Use it as a means for demonstrating your high level of expertise and the effectiveness of your practice!

    This letter lets you quickly and professionally:

    • I ntroduce yourself!
    • Summarize your findings.
    • List the nerve and soft tissue entrapments you found.
    • Summarize your working diagnosis.
    • List exercises (and cross reference them to the pages in Release Your Pain , so that the physician can see just what you plan to do!)

    You can tell your staff all these details in less than two minutes - we do it all the time! Five minutes later, by using our specially prepared template, the letter is ready to be sent to the physician! (And yes…we are making this template available to all practitioners in Microsoft Word format !)

  2. As each new patient comes to your office, make it a practice to educate that patient's doctor about ART, its benefits, and how it works.
    Informed physicians will impact your practice positively!

    And NO…you don't have to spend hours on the phone, use fancy gimmicks, or use aggressive office management procedures which make you uncomfortable.

    The new book - Release Your Pain - Resolving Repetitive Strain Injuries with Active Release Techniques can effectively do this job for you!

    Send a complimentary copy of the book - Release Your Pain - to every family physician that your practice encounters.

    Unlike brochures, advertisements, and cards, people do not throw books away. It will always sit on their desk, and will eventually get read!

    Release Your Pain will explain:

    • The nature and causes of repetitive strain injuries.
    • Active Release Techniques -concepts and ideas.
    • Soft tissue injuries, and how can they can be resolved with Active Release Techniques. The book provides case studies and examples for the most common injuries we deal with such as back pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, elbow pain, knee pain, foot pain, and so on.
    • Describes the importance of the kinetic chain, and encourages them to look beyond the initial point of injury.
    • BONUS …use the special location at the back of book to advertise your clinic…put your clinic label on the back of EVERY book you send out. Keep the name of your clinic at the front of every reader's mind.

Release Your Pain can help you to spread the word about the effectiveness of Active Release Techniques and build TRUST within the medical community.

Try these tips out, and see how your referral rates increase dramatically once you help your medical colleagues understand how and why ART is so effective, and once you demonstrate your proven track record with this letter!

Wishing you all the best in your practice!

Dr. Brian Abelson DC, ART
CEO and Founder - Kinetic Health

Order- Release Your Pain - at a Discount!

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You don't have to recreate this Examination Summary letter . Just download it from this page. (You can then customize this template with your clinic details!)
Now just plug in the details for each new patient, add a copy of Release Your Pain , send them off, and you are well on your way to building TRUST with the family physicians in your area!