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5-TIPS for  Growing Your ART Practice

Step 1: Build Physician Trust

Step 2: Educate Your Patients

Step 3: Provide Exercises

Step 4:Send Treatment Completion Letter to Physicians

Step 5: Thank the Patient!

Step 6: Referral Tracking Database

Practitioner Corner

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ART Practitioner Corner

Welcome to the ART Practitioner Corner.

In this section, you will find hints, tips, and methods for growing your ART Practice ethically and efficiently!

Growing Your ART Practice

Do you find that the public and the general medical community often do not understand why Active Release Techniques is so effective? Do you find that you must spend a great deal of time explaining just how ART works, and why it is effective in order to grow your referral base?

Spreading the word about ART is an important part of growing your ART practice. By sharing your knowledge, we build trust in this powerful technique.

Ask yourself… do you get enough referrals ? If not…then ask yourself:

  1. Did they trust you enough?
  2. What did you do to deserve a referral?

Yes…you must EARN referrals…not ask for them….
and you can do this by first earning their TRUST!

Register here and in 5 short e-mails, we will show you how to grow your ART practice by:

  • EDUCATING patients and physicians about ART.
  • Building CONFIDENCE and FAITH in your treatment methods.
  • Building TRUST in both ART and in your ability to effectively resolve soft-tissue problems.

Apply this easy 5-step process, and you will soon find your referral rate increasing rapidly. In addition, we will give you full access to our Practitioner Corner , with detailed steps, templates, and spreadsheets that you can use in your practice.

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5 Tips to Growing Your ART Practice!

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Put these tips into practice, and watch your patient base expand as your referral rates skyrocket!

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