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About Triathalons

The start of the Ironman Swim in Penticton, Canada.

How can ART improve triathalon performance

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Dr. Abelsons Injury and Performance Blog

Triathalons are extremely difficult training and events that challenge athletes at both physical and mental levels.

In the Ironman Triathalon, competitors swim 2.4 miles, cycle 112 miles and run a full 26.2-mile marathon. Participants range from 18-80 years of age and come from over fifty countries.

The extreme training places a great deal of stress on the body, and athletes suffer from a broad range of injuries, as well as over-use stresses.

Iroman, half ironman, olymic and sprint events are held all over the world. For the past few years, ART practitioners have been working at ART clinics in the Ironman Triathalons.

Their participation has resulted in better performance, times, and greater number of athletes completing this incredible event.

How can ART improve my Triathalon Performance?

Dr. Abelson in Hawaii treating an Ironman Athlete for Iliotibial Band Syndrome.

Triathlete suffer from a broad range of repetitive strain and stress related injuries. The difficult training causes muscle restrictions due to adhesion formation, and results in numerous types of injuries.

Trained ART practitioners perform a biomechanical analysis of athletes to determine where the restrictions are located along the entire kinetic chain. ART treatments are specific and based upon the individual needs of each athlete. It is not a cookbook approach to treating a non-specific diagnosis.

Dr. Abelson in Hawaii treating an Ironman Athlete for Low Back Pain.

ART® finds the specific tissues that are restricted and physically works them back to its normal texture, tension, and length by using various hand positions and soft tissue manipulation methods.

Once the soft tissue (ligaments, muscles, blood vessels, fascia and nerves) has returned to its normal state, specific exercises are prescribed.

Unlike most therapies, ART® does not require extended periods of rest before you notice results. You usually see significant improvements to the injured area after only two to three sessions.

It is also not uncommon, after only a few sessions, to see a considerable improvement in the athlete’s best personal performance.

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Where can I find more information about ART?

We have recently published the first book about Active Release Techniques, written specifically for the general public.

Release Your Pain - Resolving Repetitive Strain Injuries with Active Release Technique s® (ART®) is an informative, easy-to-read book, that helps you to understand the true cause of repetitive strain injuries.

Did you know that many common therapies (such as medication, physiotherapy, chiropractic treatment, massage, electrical muscle stimulation, rest, exercise, and surgery) have all failed to effectively resolve repetitive strain injuries. RSI sufferers are rarely able to find effective or complete treatment with these traditional treatments! Read Release Your Pain now to understand why these treatments often fail to solve your problem.

Understand the true cause of your pain, learn how it can be resolved, then use the specially designed exercises included in this book to prevent its reoccurrence.

Read our new book, Release Your Pain , to see how Active Release Techniques can help you with your injuries.

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Dr. Abelson has authored numerous articles published in magazines across Canada. These articles deal with methods for enhancing sports performance, eliminating repetitive stress injuries, as well informative pieces about Active Release Technique. You can download and review all these articles from this site.

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