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Welcome to Kinetic Health - Soft Tissue Management Systems

We specialize in the treatment of a broad range of soft tissue injuries , and provide performance care to amateur and professional athletes to help them achieve their maximum potential.
Our Treatment Objectives

At Edgemont Soft Tissue Management Systems, we have several clear objectives that we endeavor to meet with all of our patients.

Our Objective... How we achieve it

Resolve your condition.

Our primary treatment objective is to identify and resolve the condition that you are currently suffering from. We have a proven success rate of over 90% in resolving soft tissue conditions . Unlike some clinics, we are not interested in seeing you over and over again for the same condition.

Provide you with a rehabilitative strategy to prevent your condition from returning.

We ensure that every patient treated at our clinic is given appropriate rehabilitative exercises. These exercises include exercises for the four cornerstones of rehabilitation: flexibility, strength, cardiovascular and balance.

Ensure our patients understand why we used specific methods and treatment protocols for their condition.

We explain our treatment protocols to our patients so that they understand the logic behind each treatment procedure and are comfortable with each procedure that we apply.

Continually improve the services that we provide.

Our practitioners are constantly teaching or taking advanced courses to further our knowledge. This ensures our patients receive the best and most current services possible.

Communicate with our clients to continually evaluate our performance.

We work very hard at surpassing the treatment objectives for which you came to our clinic. To do this, we need your feedback, certainly we want to know if you are happy with the treatment protocols, but even more importantly, we want to know if we are not meeting your objectives. We will always do our best meet your treatment objectives.

Take our Clinic Tour

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View our clinic tour, and enjoy the ambience of our relaxing front office. Drink some herbal tea as you wait for your appointment, and enjoy the beautiful art from around the world.

Enter our treatment rooms to receive the benefits of the latest methods of soft tissue treatments.

Chat with our friendly staff, read our large collection of books and magazines, and learn how you can improve your health and live an active full life.

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Our Philosophy

A t our clinic, we believe that any treatment protocol must address the body at many levels. We strongly believe in using an integrated approach to your health. We combine essential aspects of numerous disciplines to provide a comprehensive, multi-factorial approach to your treatment protocols that include manipulation, active release technique, massage, acupuncture, and nutrition.

We use Active Release Technique for a broad range of soft tissue injuries that require the identification and removal of restrictive adhesions within soft tissue. Affected soft tissues include muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, nerves and circulatory structures.

In conjunction with the Active Release Technique, we encourage our patients to participate in a physically active lifestyle that includes specific recommended exercises that strengthen and support weakened tissues. This process, combined with effective diets that assist the healing process ( by providing the fundamental building blocks of essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals), allows us to bring rapid resolution to a broad range of soft tissue injuries.

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Our Location

Kinetic Health - Edgemont Soft Tissue Management Systems in located at:

# 34 Edgedale Drive NW
Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T3A-2R4

Phone: 403-241-3772
FAX: 403-241-3846

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To make an appointment at Kinetic Health in Calgary:

Phone: 403-241-3772
Fax: 403-241-3846
email: [email protected]

Note: We provide information about our clinic for your benefit. This site does not imply "superiority" of any technique over other procedures.

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