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Release Your Pain: 2nd Edition

Read this 2nd edition of our international best-seller to learn how to heal your soft-tissue injuries by combining Active Release with specially selected exercises that address your specific problem.

Get the information you need to make educated health careDr. Abelson's Book - Release Your Pain decisions about your soft-tissue conditions. Release Your Pain provides you with specific exercises strategies that help to resolve your individual condition, and which can be applied to a broad range of soft-tissue injuries.

This book helps you to:

  • Understand the probable cause of your soft-tissue injuries.
  • Understand how restrictive adhesions that form after each injury prevent you from fully healing.
  • Understand exactly how the treatment methodology (Active Release Techniques®) can effectively help you to reach a functional resolution to your condition.
  • Find the most appropriate exercises to treat each condition and aid in preventing recurrence of this injury.

This book is available in three formats: Hardcopy, Ebook, and Audio. Get your copy today from one of the following locations:

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  • Release Your Pain
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