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We have recently published the first book about Active Release Techniques, written specifically for the general public.

Release Your Pain: 2nd Edition

Resolving Soft Tissue Injuries with Exercise and Active Release Techniques

Release Your PainTake control of your condition! Thousands of people have obtained resolution from the pain and dysfunction caused by soft-tissue injuries by using this combination of Exercise and Active Release Techniques.

Read this long-awaited 2nd edition of an international best-seller to get the information you need to make educated health care decisions about your soft-tissue conditions.

Release Your Pain provides you with specific exercises strategies to help resolve your individual condition and which you can apply to a broad range of soft-tissue injuries. This book can also help you to:

  • Understand the probable cause of these soft-tissue injuries.
  • Understand the effects of the restrictive adhesions that form after each injury.
  • Understand exactly how the treatment methodology (Active Release Techniques®) can effectively help you to reach a functional resolution to your condition.

Find the most appropriate exercises to treat each condition and aid in preventing recurrence of this injury.

Strain Injuries of the NeckUse the specially designed exercise  routines in Release Your Pain to prevent, or recover from, injuries or conditions of the shoulders, arms, hands, wrist, elbow, knees, feet, and of course, your neck and back. You can find help for:

This long-awaited, completely reworked, second edition of Release Your Pain provides new content about each condition, adds over 80 additional pages of information, provides in-depth explanations of the impact of each injury on its kinetic chain structures, adds new illustrations, and most importantly — adds new proven-effective exercise routines to help resolve each condition. Substantial new content has been added about much requested topics such as neck pain and TMJ.

BULK DISCOUNTS: Practitioners can take advantage of the substantial discounts offered for bulk orders of the hard-copy books, and provide these books as educational and information tools for their patients.