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How does ART Feel?

ART Treatment Active Release Techniques is non-invasive, very safe, has virtually no side-effects, and has a record of producing excellent results. However, ART is not a magic medical bullet or a cure-all.

Treatments can feel uncomfortable during the movement phases as the scar tissue or adhesions ‘break up’. This discomfort is temporary and subsides almost immediately after the treatment. It is common to feel a duplication of your pain symptoms during the treatment (a good indication that the problem has been identified).

Treatments take about 8 to15 minutes for each area treated and may require 6 to 8 visits for optimal results. Patients report that ‘It hurts good’. To avoid future injuries, ART practitioners often instruct their patients in specific rehabilitative exercises, provide postural recommendations, and explain to their patients the mechanism of injury occurrence.

Strength, speed, and endurance will often improve within the first few treatments. We often have our patients test these factors after two or three visits. If no improvement is seen, we know that either we have not found the source of the problem, or the affected area needs to be further strengthened.